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Funding for pre commercial procurement


The DECIPHER PCP project (Distributed European Community Individual
Patient Healthcare Electronic Record) is developing a mobile
application, which provides an updated view of a person’s health data
and a tool for self-management of health. Support for cross-border
health is a specific design target for the application. The project
started in February 2013 and will run for 36 months. It is co-funded
by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme
for research and technological development (FP7).

Mobile assistance for health

The DECIPHER PCP health application will assist the citizen in various
situations ranging from acute care episodes to management of chronic
diseases. In the event of acute sickness abroad, the DECIPHER PCP
application provides the caregivers an access to the essential health
history of the patient. This functionality can be life-saving in urgent cases,
such as a stroke or a heart attack. The availability of health record
information abroad is especially important for individuals with chronic
diseases needing frequent medical consultations. For anyone, the application
will be useful as a store of any occasionally or regularly needed
health data such as medication and vaccinations.


Despite of the prevailing globalization trends, health delivery systems
and health records are still severely limited by national bor-
Travelling abroad for short trips or longer stay is more common than ever. As the mobility of people
increases, also the need for healthcare services while abroad is increasing. Through a pre-commercial
procurement programme new innovative technologies will be developed to enable the access to personal
health information by the caregivers and by the individual always when needed.
ders. DECIPHER PCP will take the challenge of leading the development
of an innovative mobile application connecting with health
information repositories of different countries. As the healthcare infrastructures
are variable, a flexible solution compatible with multiple
standards and open interfaces is required. Moreover, legislation
and rules concerning security and privacy are country-dependent
and shall be carefully taken into account.
DECIPHER PCP will closely follow and interact with the on-going
epSOS project (, which is developing and piloting
an infrastructure for secure transfer of core health information
between healthcare providers in different countries.

PCP - a new approach for procurement

A new approach is being applied in the development and deployment
of the DECIPHER PCP application. The pre-commercial procurement
(PCP) model involves parallel development of several
ideas, from which one or a few will eventually be selected for commercial
procurement. The PCP model is particularly targeted for radical
innovations arising from the interactive and iterative design process.
The DECIPHER PCP project covers the process up to Phase
3, after which the participating procurers will be responsible for the
commercial procurement actions.

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