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Manchester Healthcare Ventures - Commercial Manager vacancy

07 April 2017

Director of IP & Business Partnerships
Accountable to: The Board of Manchester Health Ventures Limited
Reports to: The Director of Innovation
Location: Manchester Health Ventures Ltd, Citylabs on Oxford Rd, Manchester
Salary: £70,000 per annum
The Company is seeking to appoint an experienced Director of IP & Business Partnerships who will provide the leadership and expertise to drive the development of Manchester Health Ventures Limited towards a fully commercial and sustainable business.
The Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) has established
Manchester Health Ventures Ltd (MHV), to manage its portfolio of valuable intellectual property assets, and to manage its innovation partnerships with the objectives of:
1. Generating the highest value for CMFT.
2. Increasing the value of MHV to attract external investment.
3. Developing the brand and profile of MHV.
4. Stimulate an increase in the flow of innovations from CMFT staff, its partners and industry.
5. Manage the Trust’s major business partnerships and joint venture to optimise the benefit to CMFT and GM economy.
6. Develop the company commercial strategy, and deliver against the business objectives and KPI’s.
Main tasks and responsibilities
It is anticipated that CMFT will merge with University Hospital of South Manchester and North Manchester General Hospital, although the mergers are subject to regulatory approval. This post will operate across the new Trust group.
MHV – IP management and development
To manage the portfolio assets of CMFT that are suitable for commercial exploitation. This will involve validation of the ideas to ensure that there is a genuine need and a potential market through to the development of the intellectual property and its commercialisation; always with downstream patient benefit in mind.
The Director will be responsible for developing the infrastructure, including policies, staff and resources to effectively exploit CMFT commercial opportunities. This will include the management of innovation services for MHV and CMFT. This service is currently outsourced and delivered through Service Level Agreements with TRUSTECH, the NHS Innovation Service.
The Director will use their skills and specialist knowledge of intellectual property and its commercialisation, to lead negotiations with private investors and companies to secure the optimal return for CMFT from its IPRs including licensing, royalties, equity trading, benefits in kind such as CMFT and NHS discounts and trade sales and other types of exit vehicles. Ensuring that proper procurement strategies are considered at an early stage of development is an essential part of the construction of the value proposition.
The Director will undertake due diligence on all CMFT and joint IP to optimise the value of the IP assets to potential investors and actively develop the assets and equity owned by CMFT to increase their value before negotiating grants and external investments; this will include securing access to clinical opinions, medical equipment and expertise as well as direct investment and seeking grants.
He/she will be responsible for the MHV Proof of Concept budget and to manage the proper and effective use of grants and investments secured to develop the pipeline of IP assets and to create additional value from the asset portfolio.
MHV benefits from financial support from the CMFT Charities and the Commercial Director will ensure that the funds are properly and efficiently used and awards are properly publicised.
It is essential that the pipeline of valuable IP continues to grow and a key task will be to stimulate the flow of ideas from staff and management across the hospital group to become more innovative and to build a strong portfolio of investment grade innovations that are potentially useful to improve the delivery of high quality healthcare to patients.
Strategic partnership
CMFT has created a 10-year strategic property partnership with leading property company Bruntwood. This innovative property partnership, thought to be the first of its kind in the UK, will support the delivery of clinical care, research and innovation, as well as the future
development of CMFT’s estate. Bruntwood will provide a range of services including planning and construction advice and design services. CMFT and Bruntwood have developed Citylabs 1 on the campus and are in the process of developing plans for Citylabs2.
A key role will be to support the Citylabs joint venture; to attract and retain tenants and provide access to the clinical interface and accelerate the adoption of innovations into service. The management of the Citylabs portfolio will be operated through a JV with the Trust and MSP and is a significant component of the joint clinical academic campus translational infrastructure. The Director will provide management and oversight as appropriate to the following;
1. Creating an environment where innovation and entrepreneurs can meet and network together to promote and stimulate new ideas and ventures. This includes events, meetings, social and business activities that ensure that Citylabs is a lively and vibrant place to work and associate. This will primarily be led by the Enterprise Zone Growth Manager who will report to the Director.
2. Represent CMFT/MHV at the MedTECH Centre Joint Venture with Manchester Science Partnerships, Manchester Metropolitan University, and TRUSTECH to ensure that it delivers against CMFT objectives, including increasing Trust research collaborations and creating a pipeline of potential tenant for Citylabs.
3. The Director will manage the Assured Access Programme and ensure that it operates effectively to accelerate the evaluation and trials for innovative products and services. It must be fully integrated with relevant CMFT teams and to introduce innovations that are relevant to the Trusts objectives.
4. The Director will lead the Trust Business Development program to support the Trust research strategy, Citylabs and the wider HInM community.
5. Provide a CRM service of CMFT’s major commercial and innovation partnerships to ensure that these are properly managed and serviced to leverage the best value for CMFT.
Management of wider stakeholder relationships
To manage and promote the Trusts innovation partnerships with external organisation and companies; including, working with Health Innovation Manchester, Northern Healthcare Science Alliance and Shelford Group.
The Director will work closely with The University of Manchester (UoM) in order to maximise the advantage from jointly developed CMFT and UoM IP assets.
The Director will be highly skilled in fostering public relations, able to build on their own already well-established networks of potential investors, including angels, corporate and
venture capital alongside public grants and major programmes such as the Biomedical Catalyst and NIHR i4i.
He/she will seek out and properly manage the use of appropriate investment opportunities that match the needs of individual opportunities to accelerate their development thereby retaining the appropriate focus on patient and NHS benefit as well as investor returns.
In some instances it might be appropriate to take up Directorship positions and therefore the Director must not have any Companies House or other disqualifications that would disbar them from this requirement.
This post will initially be employed on a NHS Terms and Conditions through CMFT. In the future there will be an opportunity to transfer the employment into MHV to fully align the post and its objectives with those of the
This job description may be revised from time to time in consultation with the postholder and as such the job description should be taken as an outline of the main areas of responsibility which may be subject to change.
Health and Safety at Work
The postholder must not wilfully endanger him/herself while at work. Safe working practices and safety precautions must be adhered to. Protective clothing and equipment must be used where provided.
All accidents must be reported to your Senior Officer and you are asked to participate in accident prevention by reporting potential hazards.
Infection Control
It is a requirement for all staff to comply with all infection control policies and procedures as set out in the Trust Infection Control manual
The postholder has a responsibility to ensure the preservation of NHS property and resources.
To maintain confidentiality at all times in all aspects of the work.

The closing date is 28th April and applications are via NHS jobs:


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