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TrusTECH helps to fight MRSA in NHS hospitals

A new disinfectant which TrusTECHTM, a joint venture partner in the MedTECH Centre,  tested in an NHS hospital outperforms the existing NHS gold standard - hypochlorite bleach - delivering a 33% improvement on overall surface hygiene including environmental MRSA.  

 An independent 11-month study at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI), one of 60 NHS Trusts in the North West of England where trials are supervised by TrusTECH, showed that the  AzoMaxActiveTM product range manufactured by Synergy Health and containing ByotrolTM technology significantly out performed bleach in killing bacteria in ward environments.

 The large-scale MRI study involved four general medical wards and the taking of  samples which checked for levels of bacteria, from more than 4,000 individual sites. From the start ByotrolTM matched the performance of bleach and after a few weeks produced a significant drop in bacterial levels on the ward and then continued to outperform bleach throughout the study.

The trial followed a "crossover format" in which ByotrolTM was used on two wards for six months then used on the two bleach-cleaned control wards for another five months. Its advantage over bleach was maintained throughout the trial.

 Dr Andrew Dodgson, the microbiologist at MRI who led the trial for TrusTECH said: “The results we have seen from the trial are very impressive. Cutting the levels of pathogens on the wards reduces the risk to patients of picking up an infection.

 “The new disinfectant has a potential role to play in helping all hospitals in the battle to control Health Care Associated Infections (HCAIs) and the demonstration of a residual antibacterial effect is a major new discovery that will be an additional weapon for the NHS in the battle against superbugs”

 Stephen Falder, the inventor of  ByotrolTM said: “The Manchester results are hugely encouraging. Widespread use of Byotrol across the NHS would enable us to take giant strides in eradicating the scourge of the superbug and bring great reassurance and safety to patients.” 

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