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Our Kid travels to Vilnius


Deciphering your electronic patient record, into... Lithuanian!

The DECIPHER project (Distributed European Community Individual Patient Healthcare Electronic Record) is a pan-European project to stimulate the development of technologies which will allow patients to access their electronic health records in any of the EU member states.

TRUSTECH was invited to carry the message about DECIPHER to ICT 2013 which was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. This is part of the Digital Agenda for Europe a Europe 2020 initiative.

I, Robot

The messengers for the project were RIchard Deed, Unit Manager for TRUSTECH, Rossana Allesandrello, Innovation Project Coordinator at Agència d'Informació, Avaluació i Qualitat en Salut (AIAQS) and project lead for the DECIPHER project and "Our Kid" a multimedia sculpture with a distinctive Mancunian flavour.

The DECIPHER project needed an eye catching way of engaging people with the project and due to the unique nature of ICT2013 it had to meld art and science in a single informative experience.

"Our Kid" gave us a ready made sculptural statement which very readily allowed us to inform in a way that had impact and crossed cultural boundaries.

Journey to the East

The figure is embedded with digital screens, which play over 30 short films. These films are packed with information, interviews with experts, patients and clinicians. Together they tell the stories behind the DECIPHER project and what it could mean to EU citizen's health in the future.

In its previous incarnation, "Our Kid" has been seen by thousand of people, as it has toured to a number of high-profile venues, including: Central Manchester Library and The Museum of Science and Industry carrying a message about changing face of healthcare, the vital contribution made by research and the breakthroughs that came out of Manchester.

However this is the first time "Our Kid" has left Manchester, let alone dear old Blighty.

True blue away fixture?

Perhaps they were superstitious, perhaps they thought "Our Kid" might get cold in Lithuania, but "Our Kid" left with a Manchester City football scarf around its neck... who knows what team will it be supporting when it arrives back to its normal home in the foyer of the Nowgen Centre.

One thing is certain, this was another Manchester team tasting success on the road in Europe.

Our Kid (centre) with Richard Deed and Brian Kidd (right) Joint Assistant Manager of Manchester City FC

Our Kid (centre) with Richard Deed and Brian Kidd (right) Joint Assistant Manager of Manchester City FC

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